Chatarra Crew

Live Act Jazz Experimental
Chatarra Crew - Jazz Experimental Live Act in Berlin

Chatarra Crew Short Info

Chatarra Crew is an international trio consisting of Rieko Okuda (Japan), Vicent Domenech (Spain) and Antti Virtaranta (Finland/USA). Chatarra Crew uses elements of European Free Improvisation and American Free Jazz to create its sound. From their experience in both Europe, Asia, and North America they create unique colors and rhythms. The group formed in the creative city of Berlin, with its rich subculture and art scene. They perform improvisations, compositions and textures, and interweave them to create works that take the listener on a sonic journey.

Discography Chatarra Crew

  • 2012 Chatarra Crew Album | Self Release


  • Chatarra Crew has no media connected.


  • Berlin DE


  • 2011


  • Rieko Piano
  • Vicent Alto Sax
  • Antti Bass