Live Act Indietronica Trip-Hop Kraut Rock Gothic Electropop
Chaoskeeper - Indietronica Trip-Hop Kraut Rock Gothic Electropop Live Act in St.-Petersburg

Chaoskeeper Short Info

Everything starts fine, you just write music and all but then there comes the time to share and then - to say something about it, and that's when you get puzzled. Because how do you start? You say "well, we're a music band from Russia" and it already sounds dull and boring. You try to start with other things like style or genre, like "We're an electronic idm/trip-hop/whatever influenced band with symphonic elements and vocals" and it also feels wrong. So let's just stop right here.

Past Gigs Chaoskeeper

  • 03 | 2015 St.Petersburg Chaoskeeper
  • 03 | 2015 Moscow Chaoskeeper


  • Sound Neverfall
  • Video Chaoskeeper - Monsterize


  • St.-Petersburg RU


  • 2013


  • Shizoeid main troublemaker
  • Artyom backup troublemaker
  • Eggor nobody
  • Knyazhe bass/kb player

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