Carina Nebula

Live Act Alternative Pop Psychedelic
Carina Nebula - Alternative Pop Psychedelic Live Act in St Helens

Carina Nebula Short Info

Defying the commercial methods and practice of recorded music, CARINA NEBULA, a band solely formed by Buddy Miller and Sol Murphy, find new corners the psychedelic realm.
The two formed the band in late 2013 in college during the recording process of 'Blossom', the bands first self-release. Buddy and Sol liked where the track was going so much, it was only a matter of time the duo would expand on and create more evenflowing, gutwrenching and earbleeding music.

Discography Carina Nebula

  • 2014 Blossom Single | Self released


  • Sound
  • Sound Blossom


  • St Helens GB


  • 2013


  • Buddy Miller Vocals, Multi-instrumentalist
  • Sol Murphy Vocals, Multi-instrumentalist
  • Angus Caskie Drums
  • Sunny Jhammat Guitar