Cardinal Point
RS Vranje – Stoner Rock / Metal / Southern Rock
Cardinal Point


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The band formed in early 2012 in Vranje, Serbia.

After defining the genre that same year, the band performs on stage under the name GodDamn and begins with the making of their own original songs. The genre of those songs could be classified as "southern / heavy rock."
They have performed all throughout Serbia, from the small and not-so-major clubs to large professional stages and stadiums. They have built up their style, genre and depth of their lyrics and texts. They performed at a lot of relevant music competition festivals, from which they would always take home one of the first three prizes. Of performing at festivals (regular and competition) they singled out: “EXIT” festival, “Beer Fest”, “Zajecarska Gitarijada”, “Jelen demofest” (Republic of Srpska), “Gitarijada Ratkovo”, “Reload Festival”, "Taksirat" (Skopje, Macedonia), ”Kapana Fest” (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), "Belgrade Demo Fest”, “DAN D” festival and many more such as, "Sumadija Fest", "Revolution Fest", "Drugom stranom festival", "Balkan Street Festival"...
And so, in 2014, two years after their formation, at the largest and most famous rock festival in the region they were declared winners by the audience, a crucial moment to finish their career as a demo band and start their professional one.
That same September in 2014, they packed their belongings and equipment and went to the other side of their country, to begin recording their first album in the studio "3x2" in Pančevo, under the direction of producer Stefan Gaćeša. The recording went on every day, day to night, for the next month from September to October. For a full month of work, they slept in the recording studio.
To rise to a higher, more serious and professional level, due to the rapid emergence of new bands in the world with the same or similar name, they decided to change the name of the band to Cardinal Point, directly referring to their genre, style and to state the fact that they are proud to be coming from the south of their country and connecting it to the whole ideology of "southern" sound.
Their debut album was released on the 25th of September 2015, under the label "Nocturne Media", called "Spit On Trust And Reliance," which contains 11 songs + bonus track (LP - 54 min.) The album was declared the Best Debut Album of 2015, and was among the 30 best in the region. It was broadcast on radio stations in England, France, Belgium, USA, Russia, Germany, Brazil and so on and naturally, throughout the whole region of the Balkans.
Apart to the physical disc, the album release is available through all digital download / streaming services, such as Amazon, iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Plaz, You Tube....
The album comes with: a CD disc, booklet with lyrics, poster and a sticker.