Calum Jones
GB Oran – Modern Rock / Folk Rock / Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic Rock / Indie
Calum Jones


Calum Jones - One For The Road - Music Video

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Calum Jones
Ab67616d0000b273aab165ff48df248eb9a4c755 Two Months Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273356f51a9eee9cacca3d9d9f2 Change For the Better Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273e19610fcac24b7cf2afde634 Brothers In Arms Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273ace74b6f3e485ea4e5ac994e Monster Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b27374e3cddbb67212807c48545d MirrorGlass Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2739a38d8e283ca6a01d7268e6e Fingertips Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273c355caceea225d8e5d0c581c Hollow Hopes Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2736115bd3f612d378bb6d79fd7 Happy Now Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273a3e019dc3e59740aba687067 Ready or Not Single 2019
Calum Jones Music
Ab67616d0000b273d5ed0d18aeab76ea147c228a Into the Dark Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b27345a2e5a0575a486057d11dd0 One for the Road Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273453b16e95ebad93aa4e27b34 Iona Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b273c45812b530200ffb4c842c7a Sailors Lullaby Single 2018
Ab67616d0000b273426a4d9e49e012d5c150d998 Lost My Way Album 2018
Ab67616d0000b27320690d6a856df49b037b7183 Wasted Days Album 2017
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Inspired by blues, rock, folk and the Celtic heritage of his Scottish home, Calum Jones is adept with big riffs and bold melodies that back his thought-provoking lyrics.

The sheer power in Jones's voice demands your attention and refuses to be anything other than centre stage.

With a prolific release schedule that has seen him drop a new track every month of 2020 leading up to his 3rd studio album ‘MirrorGlass’ in September and Having already seen significant global radio play and been favoured heavily by the likes of BBC introducing Scotland & Jim Gellatly, Calum continues his rapid rise as one of Scotland's most talented exports and to establish his reputation as a fast-emerging new music must have.

He's a regular festival performer, winning over crowds with his enthusiastic banter, sing along choruses and positive energy and can often be found touring the country with just a guitar on his back and fiery spirit in his heart.
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