Call It Even

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Call It Even - Modern Rock Alternative Rock Alternative Rock Modern Rock Live Act in Vienna

Call It Even Short Info

CALL IT EVEN from Vienna, Austria, fuse edgy modern rock and alternative elements to dash along a musical path, that is built on the ambition of creating the perfect sound sweetend with a lyrical mix of almost sick earnestness but healthy sarcasm, telling a story that the world out there needs to hear…

Call It Even on Tour

  • 07 | 04 | 2017 Aera/ Vienna (AT) liveBOXX

Past Gigs Call It Even

  • 01 | 2017 SUB/ Wr.Neustadt (AT) ROCK EXPLOSION
  • 01 | 2017 Replugged / Vienna (AT) OVERDUB Booking Events

Discography Call It Even

  • 2016 Preach Single |
  • 2016 Drop That Halo Single |
  • 2014 Fear EP |


  • Video Call It Even - 5 Minutes (L...
  • Video Call It Even - Preach (Lyri...
  • Video Call It Even - Drop That Ha...
  • Video Call It Even - Unconscious

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  • Markus Schweiger Vocals, Songwriter
  • Leonhard Pfeffer Guitar, Producer, Songwriter
  • Tamás Künsztler Drums, Backing Tracks
  • Konstantin Carda Guitar
  • Nik Inquart Bass