Calling Adam
US Detroit – Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic Pop / Britpop / Rock / Acoustic Rock
Calling Adam


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Calling Adam
1cd03c547b4b18c929bb52bce599fb3c51da5194 I Love the Nightlife (Disco Round) [feat. Abigail Stauffer] Single 2016
6a9bf0796d6b86090b34c863112d7bf1d5e2a7e6 I Love the Nightlife (Disco Round) [Radio Edit] [feat. Abigail Stauffer] Single 2016
Calling Adam Records
E351866a42d94dc5fe436ccb07af16ef775e2136 Jancy's Song Single 2018
6f93a2105ac174e0ca1736c18a68bb5f6518b3bf Glasgow (Instrumental) Single 2017
John Paul Mabarak
8b00f030ff2044d12efc3900689e25fed65a1a68 Amy Single 2016
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Press Text
Calling Adam is the band created by songwriter/producer John Mabarak.

John has worked with various artists in New York City, Los Angeles and his hometown of Detroit, MI as a musician, engineer, and producer.

The signature sound to the band is the blend of acoustic and electric guitars and powerhouse drums for its debut release.
Major influences include The Beatles, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Roxy Music, The Clash, Motown, British rock and the classic singer songwriters of the folk/rock era of the 70’s.

The jingle-jangle guitar sound of Rickenbacker and Telecaster guitars and strong acoustic guitar strumming is the foundational sound of Calling Adam on its debut release.

John Mabarak was one of the winners of the Yoko Ono remix competition in 2009 for his remix of the "The Sun Is Down". John's musical tastes encompass a wide spectrum of modern music some of which include the acoustic singer songwriter folk/rock era, Delta and Chicago blues, Southern gospel, Rockabily and all the great Detroit rock n roll and Motown artists.

John has a great appreciation and respect for the ambient sounds of early electronic music pioneers such as Brian Eno and the use of the moog synthesizer in the late 60’s and the use of the mellotron (tape replay keyboard ) in which the Beatles and the Moody Blues used extensively during in the late 1960’s.

John was also influenced in the 1990’s by the artistic genius of avant-garde composer Henry Threadgill and became friends with Henry when John was living in the East Village of Manhattan. John met Henry Threadgill during the period of the “Very, Very, Circus” project and was exposed to the unique instrumentation in which Threadgill used in his ensemble such as the use of tuba in place of a bass guitar and the unique arrangements in which Threadgill meticulously composed for each member of the group. John worked in a recording studio during this era and assisted Bob Kirschner (chief engineer) on a variety of diverse sessions which included off Broadway composers and their ensembles and dance theatre productions.

John has always been a “back to basics” type of musician and finds himself constantly being influenced by his love for the simple rock groups of the early rock and roll era such as Elvis Presley and his original three piece band, the British invasion, Bob Dylan and the American groups of the 60’s and 70’s. All this classic music is what influenced John to pick up his first guitar as a child in the late 70’s and John still thinks that “Hendrix is the greatest” if you were to ask him who his favorite guitar player is?

Calling Adam is a music group from Detroit, MI founded by John Mabarak as a vehicle for his songwriting and studio music production.