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C Boy - Afrobeat Hip Hop Live Act in London

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Charles Oladunni, Better known by his stage name C Boy is a Nigerian born recording artist, song writer, producer and performer. He started his musical career at the age of 15, originally focusing on grime and hip-hop. However, digging into his native background and westernised influences whilst growing up in Peckham London C Boy went on to Study music production in University and then decided to change direction, adding both ingredients into his music. So you will hear both flavours of hip hop & grime merged into his Afrobeats songs.

Past Gigs C Boy

  • 11 | 2016 Camden Afrobeats Live Jazz Cafe
  • 08 | 2016 London Bridge Greenwood theatre
  • 08 | 2016 Nottinghill London Nigerian corner Carnival
  • 07 | 2016 Kennington The Loft
  • 06 | 2016 Kingscross Afro beat lounge
  • 05 | 2016 Brick lane Resound Cafe101


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