Bud Sugar

Live Act Alternative Rap Reggae
Bud Sugar - Alternative Rap Reggae Live Act in Hull

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Bud Sugar!

"Representing SWED-Nation with a good vibe fixation, leaf Burners, fast learners, jokers with no focus who act bogus! but when the music calls us...
...we drop the chorus!
5 members too be remembered, male gendered, always bringing big beats til the levels ended!
acoustic flows, Bouncey shows, lively people on a Bud Sugar overdose,so Give us a glance, or even a chance and we'll enter your world like an alien advance!"

Discography Bud Sugar

  • 2014 Bud Sugar Album | Indie


  • Video Bud Sugar - Jons Song (Musi...
  • Video Bud Sugar - Ya Daddy's Wood...
  • Sound Ya Lifes Happenin

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  • Hull GB


  • Dyl Guitar
  • Bax Vocals
  • Stan Uke/Keys
  • Lans Rapper/Drum machine
  • Reason Rap/Bass