Boris Jelic
SE Malmö – Dark-Pop / Electro / Hip Hop / Experimental Pop / Dark-Pop
Boris Jelic


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Boris Jelic, distributed by Spinnup
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Do Or Die Album 2018
B000e1f5839a25afdaa6798655fd847fae9b83ba Freedom Single 2018
A9ce5220b06d4a9cae0e49ee55bcee352b7af86e Sell Me Something Single 2018
7061441ac066488b20902bf9fe8eb8654430edb8 Not Afraid to Die Single 2017
9aa5744f0586129a7b290af03b92c652b4d40ea0 Rebel (Remastered) Single 2016
1fe8def3173c1eabaf88eb25194578da75a490cc Tea Single 2016
3de78d4561f479cc0cb6d09a9b6a8aed61fd366b Fuck You Hoe Single 2015
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Press Text
Fearless, rebellious, and the creative force behind the blossoming genre of ‘Gay Hip-Hop’, Boris Jelic has made himself one of the most exciting pop innovators in Sweden.

After touring around Europe with a plethora of hit singles, including the wonderfully relentess ‘Freedom’, Jelic is now ready to unleash his debut album, ''Do Or Die''.

Aptly titled ‘Do Or Die’, the new album was written over the course of several years. It’s an album that fully encapsulates Jelic’s life so far, taking his struggles, his loves, his victories, and his losses and blending them with a distinctive, electronic sound to create something that is both deeply personal and refreshingly unique.

The album was written while Jelic was living in Berlin, Stockholm and Copenhagen, battling a depression that almost took his life and his passion for music, trying to figure out where he belonged in the world. It was a time of extreme hardship that gave life to the album’s title song, an anthem that has since become a theme for Jelic’s life. Two years later, and the full album is finally here, revealing the honest truth about Jelic’s life and the breadth of his creative spirit.