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Bombshell Short Info

Bombshell started out as a spoken word artist, performing at events in Brixton and Hackney. A drive to couple her lyric-writing with music led her to learn composition, instruments and production. A musical magpie, Bombshell’s alchemical sounds defy pigeon-holing. Experience as a battle rapper and in industrial bands gives her that dynamic one-girl-riot stage presence. Use of unique, self-built electronic instruments adds further to the compelling live show. Bombshell has performed in places as well known and diverse as the Cavern Club (Liverpool), Club Antichrist (London), Tate Liverpool, and Contacting the World (Manchester).

Past Gigs Bombshell

  • 03 | 2015 Liverpool PussyWhipped
  • 01 | 2015 London King of the Ronalds - Britain Last
  • 08 | 2014 Liverpool Bands, Battles, Burlesque!
  • 07 | 2014 Milton Keynes ProperStock


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