Bolo Nese

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Bolo Nese - Rock and Roll Rockabilly Punk Rock Garage Rock Live Act in Reykjavik

Bolo Nese Short Info

Few months ago a young man, a broken spirit in a weak and decaying body, disappeared down into a deep dark basement close to the center of the earth. Armed with an Electric baritone guitar and supplies of cheap beer and cigarettes he went down there to fight off his demons. Now he has emerged again on the surface as Bolo Nese with some songs to sing and a story to tell.

Past Gigs Bolo Nese

  • 05 | 2016 Reykjavik Dillon
  • 05 | 2016 Reykjavik Gaukurinn
  • 05 | 2016 Reykjavik Hlemmur Square

Discography Bolo Nese

  • 2016 Bolo Nese EP EP |


  • Sound King of the floor
  • Media You On My Mind
  • Media Firewood

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  • Reykjavik IS


  • 2016


  • Ottar Brans Vocals, guitars
  • Kristo Drums
  • Smari Bass

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