Live Act Trip-Hop
Blu.Sine - Trip-Hop Live Act in Ljubljana

Blu.Sine Short Info

Coloring the music and playing the colors. Combining the seemingly un-combinable. Coexistence of waves - light, sound, lines drawn by pen and thoughts. A collage of the past and the future, sharing much more than just the line between them. The message of aesthetics and darkness demands attention to reveal its essence; and combining the avant-garde, pop culture and original ideas demands more than apathy and narcissism. Do you dare to hear in color while the world is turning black-and-white?

Discography Blu.Sine

  • 2014 Can You Hear in Color? Album |


  • Sound


  • Ljubljana SI


  • Urška Bajec vocals
  • Žiga Kroflič guitars, sampling, theremin
  • Žiga Četrtič keys, accordion
  • Bor Hodžić bass
  • Darian Kocmur drums