Blond Martini

Live Act Electropop Techno Britpop Electro Melodic
Blond Martini - Electropop Techno Britpop Electro Melodic Live Act in Riverside

Blond Martini Short Info

Blond Martini is a Electronic Pop Band formed by former members of DV8. They released in June of 2015 their first Digital CD Edge of Heaven with 10 songs plus 10 remixes.

Past Gigs Blond Martini

  • 08 | 2016 Riverside, California Law's

Discography Blond Martini

  • 2015 Edge Of Heaven Album | V-MES


  • Video Blond Martini - Edge of Heaven
  • Video Blond Martini - Yesterday
  • Video Blond Martini Out The Window
  • Video Blond Martini Hello Video
  • Sound Then Go
  • Sound Unspoken Knowledge (Don't K...
  • Sound You
  • Sound Into Light (Black Hole Mix)

Fan Radar

1,266 Fans
1,028 Plays


  • Riverside US


  • 2013


  • Shannon Smith (Manago) Vocalist
  • Vinay Anne Keyboards
  • Eric Truitt Drums
  • Martin Ramirez Keyboards

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