BLADE Strings

Live Act Rock Heavy Metal Alternative Rock Cover Melodic
BLADE Strings - Rock Heavy Metal Alternative Rock Cover Melodic Live Act in Bucharest

BLADE Strings Short Info

BLADE Strings is the only rock band in Romania that plays exclusively on acoustic, classical instruments. The band's sound is obviously something fresh, BLADE Strings managed to build a bridge between two musical worlds, the classical music and rock music. The band's repertoire includes the most popular songs of the genre, a tribute to all the great rock over time, but also other parts, international hits rewritten in the BLADE Strings's style.

Past Gigs BLADE Strings

  • 12 | 2016 Bucharest New Year's Eve Concert - Titan Park
  • 07 | 2016 Bucharest University Square Concert
  • 06 | 2015 Bucharest Opening for EUROPE, Arenele Romane
  • 05 | 2015 Bucharest Iubim 2 Roti (Moto/Bike Fest)
  • 09 | 2014 Sighisoara Sighisoara Medieval Festival
  • 05 | 2013 Bucharest Romania Got Talent


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  • 2011