Black Buttons

Live Act Artrock Blues Rock Britpop Rock Cover
Black Buttons - Artrock Blues Rock Britpop Rock Cover Live Act in Moscow

Black Buttons Short Info

Indie Rock trio from Moscow, Russia.
Black Buttons was founded in 2015 by the lead singer Antony Smirnov.
It's all about music and emotions that music brings! We truly love what we do!
Black Buttons is a simple and at the same time beautiful collaboration of Vocals, Guitar, Drums and Piano.We believe our music is a whole different universe where Rock meets Classic notes and Blues moves.


  • Sound Bird
  • Sound Bird (Acoustic)
  • Video Black Buttons - Catch The S...


  • Moscow RU


  • 2015


  • Antony Smirov Vocals, Guitar
  • Nikita Rychikhin Drums
  • Max Meshcheryakov Keyboards
  • Alexander Gorny Director