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BERLinDUO - Classics Cover Melodic Live Act in Berlin

BERLinDUO Short Info

The BERLinDUO was founded 2012 by soprano Sophie Mödig and guitarist Alessandro Paganelli in the Netherlands. Their repertoire is composed of music from Renaissance, Baroque and mainly from the Romanic Era. In fall 2013 the duo moved to Berlin and celebrated their Berlin debut for the Leibniz Association´s opening of their annual meeting. With the move into the capital also came their name BERLinDUO- Berlin in Duo. They have performed at various Events and Locations including The Museum fuer Kommunikation in Berlin, the Nikodemus Kirche and the Zitadelle in Spandau.


  • Video Claude Debussy: Romance - B...
  • Video Giuliani: Ad'altro laccio p...
  • Sound El Noi de la Mare by BERLinDUO


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  • 2012