Bering Strait

Live Act Singer/Songwriter
Bering Strait - Singer/Songwriter Live Act in Stoke-On-Trent

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Gaz White - Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Spike - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

We are two Singer/Songwriters of original material From the earthy working class middle of England, both of us share vocal duties and instruments, we have recently had songs played on moorlands radio and we will try to keep our music going and growing through live gigs and recording. Hope you enjoy and if you do Great, if not then sorry and we hope you find some that you do......
.......Cheers Gaz & Spike

All songs Written, Performed, Recorded & Produced by Gaz White & Spike

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  • 02 | 2015 Leek The Old Central


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  • Sound You + Me
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  • Spike Vocals/Guitar
  • Gaz White Vocals/Guitar