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B E R G F I L M Constants We all are looking for something.

For something that suits us. For something special. We are looking for comfort in relationships, experiences or in material things. We are looking for freedom and for something that stays with us.

This search sometimes is neverending, it is painful and often associated with setbacks. But still we continue to look for it because it´s the only thing we can do. We keep looking because there has to be something out there. It is waiting for us in the darkness. We just have to find it.
Bergfilm have been searching for these constants since 2013. This search manifested itself in their continous striving to create music together. The result are songs that seem like a journey through landscapes of sounds, a creaking bass and dynamic drum rhythms. These songs are always following this voice, which darkly and catchy hovers through time and space. Always knowing that there is no fixed formula for how to proceed while on this search. Only the flexible reach their goals.

Although one probably wouldn´t believe it after listening to their music for the first time, Bergfilm deliberately avoid using samples or loops and also dogmatically refuse to formulas and replication. This attitude sets them apart from other artists in the field of electronic pop music: They are an organic, a real band. The songs written by Arthur Lingk (vocals & guitar) on his acoustic guitar are systematically getting dismantled in the band´s practice room with Marian Schütt (synthesizer & bass) and Manuel Rädler (drums) before the band assembles them back together. This process combines very personal lyrics with chill, analytic synthesizers and driving drums. The artistic friction between the musicians during this writing process is moving the band forward. After the release of their first EP Open Home in 2014 and several festival gigs, the band took the time to work on their first full-length album Constants. Together with producer Elias Foerster, who has already produced albums from Still Parade or Sea Moya, they got their inspiration from early 80s music and recorded the whole album with old tape machines. The production perfectly matches their dynamic approach and provides the melancholic, darkly shimmering but also dancy and pulsating songs with an enormous depth. In most of the songs, Lingk´s lyrics approach relationships from different angles - whether it´s a first encounter as in the title song Constants, a not-solvable conflict in Nostalgic Love or the painful end of a love in the album´s first single Rules.

It was never planned to form this band- it emerged out of a coincidental encounter. Those coincidences that happen throughout our journey show, that the thing that we are sifting through the darkness for has often been already with us all along.

Tobias Mösch
Köln, Januar 2017