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671406 Records DK
A7d06a8fb58678bc8c8c94e4e3be725532cab681 Country of Mine Single 2018
C1b0dbe84de4e0653d1f98e293ee9b7667a1e868 Country of Mine (The Studio Sessions) Single 2018
7b6dfbca234ae364596e617864ba89dec1211674 The Kissed by the Light EP Single 2017
Johannes Frenzel
Sony Music
Markus Immesberger
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Beranger – bio (short version) If you think that there are no more musical mavericks left in the world then Beranger are on a mission to prove otherwise.

A classical pianist and a drummer from opposite sides of the world who met and forged a musical alliance whilst busking on the streets of Berlin. A musical blend of classical tradition and forward thinking rock music…Baroque ’n’ roll perhaps? A band to whom the term “grassroots” really applies, having built their reputation by playing donation driven, public shows in the parks and public spaces of their adopted home. If you pitched the various twists and turns of their journey to date to a film producer you would undoubtedly be told that the plot line is just too unbelievable. Yet here they are, an unruly, undefinable, improvisational and wholly unforgettable live band who makes the most alternative of alt-rock seem everyday and turning classic music into a whole new wave of infectious punked up pop. And now they are coming for you!
The two met under the bridge at Alexanderplatz whilst Beranger Gras was busking to any of the city’s commuters who would listen and the two quickly found themselves fired up with the desire to work together. A love of improvisation provides the common ground that beats at the heart of the music and it is this fluid approach that keeps the shows fresh and exciting both for the audience and the musicians. Songs change, chords modulate in and out of keys, change length, merge and meander as the two musicians explore and evolve their music, often through some sort of instinctive and emotive communication. It is this ability to read and anticipate each others musical moves that explains why the band has never expanded beyond a duo, why lose the magic of this harmonious method of working? If it ain’t boke… as they say.

The great thing about this meeting of musical worlds, a world that sees classical intricacies merge with pop infectiousness, heavy rock urges used as a platform for deft and delicate musical flurries and juggernaut grunge grooves mix with danceable dynamics, is that it literally has something for everyone. From their informal gatherings in Berlin’s parks to established festivals, they have played to everyone from indie kids to ageing rockers all singing, moshing, dancing and head banging their hearts out.

And where next for Beranger? Well, their mission is to encourage people to make the choices and take the risks that they might be too afraid to. To make leaps of faith and explore the unknown, to be brave, be unique, be yourself. After all if a couple of busking misfits can end up playing to crowds of thousands….