Loca Luna

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Loca Luna - Worldmusic Instrumental Jazz Worldmusic ETHNIC Live Act in istanbul

Loca Luna Short Info

Loca Luna, one of the highest profile instrumental groups, enjoys its place at musical industry. In
addition to performance till 2009. Consistently praised for their deeply musical interpretations, exciting
performances, and thoughtful musics. Each concerts, Loca Luna performs throughout the different
instrumental world music series. the accompanying music has a
contemporary ambience because it subtly combines traditional music of Aegean, Balkanian,
Mediterranean, Mesopotamia and Arabic elements with the performance of ethnic style instruments as well
as a variety of instrumentation.


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  • istanbul TR


  • 2009


  • Ersin Ersavas Oud
  • Alper Cam Bass
  • Mesut Bingöl Kanun
  • Kaan Sezerler Classicle Fiddle
  • Burhan Hasdemir Percussion
  • Erdem Erol Dehollo
  • Börteçene Terlemez Percussion

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