Bare Jams
GB Bristol – Dub / Soul / Reggae
Bare Jams


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Goodtimes Music under exclusive license to TCBYML
91eb2f51d3de6c673827808d3fda231c6d682e04 Lost And Found Single 2018
Bab5403a08db431812bca7bb0f4da5e963556c7f Three Words Single 2018
87c93e22783ffd969c76d41b17f044447dda1b3e Rigglet Single 2018
8bfe21ea3a509695fa46d3fc10fc88ed80eff985 Strange Mind Single 2017
86b7e51d09b22afca02d18b16c28b5975703ec70 Wind In The Willows Single 2017
Goodtimes Music
F7cc26f6d37a461d2762233ba3fa1397ad04cdc0 Lost & Found Single 2018
850dece9c4f12143d177e8b8b1d58eebf73cdf6f Three Words - EP Single 2018
851c995e5f8cc11a7eea98088186435033c5dd89 Wind in the Willows Single 2017
Bare Jams under exclusive license to TCBYML
B5136547707ff4e15a4bd1348e727af73949e211 Ebbs & Flows Single 2018
F259621f1439649d17b2507f86500f1c52f9d0d2 Fish Bowl Single 2018
Jammin' Bare Music
B5f5d44114fe580de1d26851bca4d1a3914ec509 Cold Treats Single 2015
The Beach Hut Sessions
8e0fb93490caeebb874ca8171b4ec25c6024d6b1 My Oh My Single 2019
Treetop Agency
Simeon Pranger
Charlie Jungle
Press Text
Bare Jams captures the sounds of that one summer you’ll never forget.

Starting out as the passion project of Ollie Coombes and Sam James, the band has grown and evolved from the modest duo busking in 2011, into the full fat festival force it is today. Now a six strong collective, the members come together to blend a tight fusion of genres, seamlessly mixing flavours of reggae, dub, soul, pop and ska into a unique, collaborative sound. This sound is delivered with exuberance and relentless energy, creating a stage presence radiating love and good times. Never losing this joie de vivre, their multifaceted lyrics offer insight into a journey of highs and lows, struggles and triumphs; their veiled metaphors provide listeners with the opportunity to find solace in their own interpretations of the words, coupled with a solid backbone of eternal optimism which is delivered via the music.

2015 saw the band drop their debut EP ‘Cold Treats’, the title track of which has racked up over 1.000.000 streams on Spotify and helped them gain worldwide attention. Goodtimes Music signed the group for the follow up ‘Three Words EP’ in 2017 featuring two very sonically varied singles ‘Strange Mind’ & ‘Wind In The Willows’.

The success of both EPs is manifested in the support of fans in the UK and Europe and the increase of the band’s audiences in both territories, allowing them to pursue an intense live show schedule. Headlining their own UK and Dutch club shows, as well as supporting The Wailers, La Pegatina, Will and the People, Tankus the Henge and most recently the mighty Chainska Brassika on their 2-week UK tour. On top of these opportunities, the band had a summer schedule packed with 18 UK and European festival dates including Boomtown Fair, Isle of Wight Festival and Bockor Rock experiencing a connection with listeners both old and new.

In store for Bare Jams in 2019 is a continuation of their jubilant live performances in the UK and the rest of Europe playing 40+ summer shows across 8 countries, plus, the highly anticipated release of their debut studio album, which recent singles ‘Ebbs & Flows’ and ‘Fishbowl’ have already served an enticing taste of what’s to come.