Apey & the Pea
Balatonszemes – Metal / Doom Metal / Stoner Rock / Sludge
Apey & the Pea


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F592eac3365754483b0defc32aeac41aa66c225d HEX Album 2017
F592eac3365754483b0defc32aeac41aa66c225d Hex Single 2017
51e81d63ee7512a6b2b89f9da8e1a7aca12413ea Hellish Album 2014
5b2f66623d5fbbe6e3bc62b6145237671993d7c3 Devil's Nectar Album 2013
24ed959542823ef79771db59c160c929bccd6e3a The Day Ends Single 2011
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Apey & The Pea formed in 2009 in the heart of Budapest, Hungary after the breakup of Remembering the Steel Pantera Tribute band where the three founding members met.

Throughout the years the band mas- tered their skills with their extremely aggressive live performances and the com- mitment to their intense riff oriented devotion to give their audience the best live experience to walk home with. Such influences like Pantera, Crowbar and the classic doom/thrash & grunge scene gave the perfect com- bination to play in every corner of Hungary with mostly sold-out shows. First EP released in 2011 The Day Ends & an opening for Keith Caputo, first series of small tours. In 2013 the band released their first LP Devil's Nectar & won the best album of the year on "Hangsúly" Hungarian Heavy Metal Awards twice, also won Artist of the Week on MTV IGGY. In April 2014 the band released their second LP Hellish, Co-Headlining with CROWBAR later with SAINT VITUS.
2015: Played over 50 shows including small tours to Poland, Croatia, UK, "Best Hard Rock Album" FONGORAM Awards (Hungarian Grammys) won with HELLISH LP, played at almost every major Hungarian festival.
2016: March-May IAMHELL co-headline tour, festivals. Supporting WEEDEATER in London at The Underworld Camden. First major headline tour in Hungary. Supporting DOPETHRONE at A38 Ship. Finished the writing of the upcoming III. album titled HEX. Releasing first single 'SLAVES'.
2017 April: 'SLAVES' EU/UK 2 weeks Tour. Supporting BONGRIPPER & PRIMITVE MAN in The Underworld Camden, London.

Áron András - GUITAR, VOCAL
Prepelicza Zoltán - BASS, VOCAL
Makai László - DRUMS

Online Merch Shop | http://shop.apeyandthepea.com
Instagram | http://www.instagram.com/apeyandthepea
Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/c/ApeyThePea
Website | http://www.apeyandthepea.com
Twitter | https://twitter.com/apey_thepea