Apathy Apartment

Live Act Electro-Wave-Rock Emo Synthiepop
Apathy Apartment - Electro-Wave-Rock Emo Synthiepop Live Act in Ljubljana

Apathy Apartment Short Info

Apathy Apartment are an emotronic/synthwave duo from Ljubljana/Zagreb. They play a unique mixture of nostalgic electronic genres of synthpop, synthwave and retrowave mixed with influence of american "midwest" emo genre. The songs are based around simplistic arrangement, looping and aggressive yet catchy vocal lines that sing about the nostalgia of carefree life, internet culture, pop references and personal problems.

Discography Apathy Apartment

  • 2015 EP EP |
  • 2015 Those Are Some Pretty Dank Memes, Bro! Single |


  • Video Apathy Apartment - Those Ar...

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  • 2015


  • Damjan Bla┼żun vocals, bass, synths
  • Andi Koglot guitars, synths, programming