Antonio Bastos
PT Aveiro – Electro / Disco / Reggae / Electro Jazz / Worldmusic
Antonio Bastos


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You Plug Me Records
B8f9678dfee09af1d0acbd87a3e38bed03848774 Red Love Blue Love Album 2018
A0a7676d3c2f25bd3277cbe9674d2af2ce7a162c You Make Me Feel Single 2017
1979a625bf2c31b4585850ff6bcd0afbc7629223 Misirlou Single 2016
F783e8b1a9875c608c602df36056be02157a6094 Fall In Love Single 2015
Ca6e312463a7f6fc6c67aac8d61fc2472152b49d A Barbie In The House Single 2015
260919ed404b048e6871fab90c460be1d49bca3d Roses Train EP Single 2013
You Feel You
Af364a405649fbe9c3725c1fd68e0a7aa93af0e4 The Roses Train Club EP Single 2014
Brown Eyed Boyz Records
62f8b5f13f2593c77feea3d16aa5e132b89b253a Getting Used Single 2014
You Feel You Records
F62197f49b066d9b27ac9ddc013a982a9497d1ba Talk To The Song Single 2014
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Press Text
Antonio Bastos is a musician, composer and producer graduated in music, with master’s degrees in jazz, percussion and new musical technologies.

The taste for music in general allowed him to assimilate a musical culture that characterizes the mastery with which he prints his mark on aesthetic grounds such as jazz, house, funk, traditional portuguese music, rock, techno and classical, having, in fact, been at the forefront of several more classic formations as conductor and composer.

His curriculum as a producer is extensive, having his solo works, and also as Johnwaynes, been published in the most prestigious labels around the world:
Let’s Play House (USA)
Get Physical Music (DE)
Cecille (DE)
Compost (DE)
Let’s Get Lost (JP)
Endless Flight (JP)
Mule Musiq (JP)
Brique Rouge (FR)
Sui Generiz (FR)
Faces/MCDE (FR)
Bloop (PT)
Groovement (PT)
Raw Cutz (ES)
Flame (ES)
Defected (GB)
Dissident (GB)
Back&Forth (IT)
Serenades (FI)
Baile Muzik (HR)

Antonio Bastos also has his own studio, where he creates and participates with musicians like Hubert Tubbs (Tower Of Power), Stee Downes, Siri Svegler, António Miguel (“Vozes da Rádio”), Clarinetes AD Libitum (Portugal). Outside his studio, he is invited by musicians from all over the country to collaborate as musician and creative. Rui Maia (Mirror People), Paulo Gomes (jazz), Lobo (pop rock), Reporter Estrábico (pop eletrónico), Lisbon Theatrical Music Company are just a few examples. He also made the soundtrack for the play “A Vida é Sonho”, produced by Lisbon Theatre Offices and staged by João Rosa. Recently, he was invited to join the contest for the soundtrack of Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Antonio Bastos is the real man on stage, with a contagious and scenic presence. With the intention of creating a new generation of fresh projects in portuguese music, he founded YOU Records with two labels and worldwide distribution: - YOU PLUG ME (electronic, downtempo, lounge, chill out) - YOU FEEL YOU (house)

Antonio Bastos is the project that focuses on all the artist experiencies and influences, where the essence is made of different spices, zigzagging between the electronic, house, world or more orchestral compounds, with a detour here and there for more elegant fields such as disco, funk, jazz or classical. His music represents a universe of possibilities where style barriers are constantly overcome, with a contagious energy.

Allied to his most pedagogical aspect, currently, Antonio Bastos has a show with the community – “A Barbie In The House – António Bastos e a Comunidade” – where he fuses his music with several genres, in a sui generis way. Is the contemporary artistic fusion – electronic, dance, local traditions – with the local artistic community, philharmonic, choirs, music schools, dance schools and the community in general, ordinary people, musicians or non-musicians who wish to participate in the show through a workshop, which lead to a unique spectacle made by the community to the community. A family of sounds and traditional movement fused with the electronic contemporary, where music and dance are celebrated in all its splendor.