Ancient Astronauts
DE Köln – Rap / Funk / Reggae
Ancient Astronauts


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Switchstance Recordings
Ab67616d0000b2730d429e507aaf19395d3db51b Pump up the Sound (Professor Skank Remix) Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b273be498052d98656cdfb100103 Bad Muje Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b273bd11b2b66a8b0ceca08f42e1 Zik Zak Album 2021
Ab67616d0000b273f52a18f2cec29c5cd5b4ac15 Zik Zak (Instrumentals) Album 2021
Ab67616d0000b2737defe5728bf616b040d5599d Ziinga zanram Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273e21778d9ef26e8d3ae95ed86 Kampala Fire Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2737fdb3ce220d44548728fc6a8 Tebamanyi Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2734217765a7da4a345224e8a05 Photoshop Reality Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2734e2b71803f735f14db5a8e0c Broken Puppets Album 2017
Ab67616d0000b273cbb0eba9ca22139190a965e9 Broken Puppets (Instrumental) Album 2017
Ab67616d0000b2735e2ccfbb0f104318139c5aeb Into Bass and Time Album 2016
Ab67616d0000b2737595b21d7e9f8014a808a5b9 Themes From Tomorrowland (Instrumentals) Album 2016
Ab67616d0000b2732906f6f23c94912d932abf25 Themes from Tomorrowland Album 2015
Ab67616d0000b27326fd499582f92e1c2ca4baf5 The Orion Nebula (Remixes) Album 2012
Ab67616d0000b2734321e1369f80bd96901ffedb Put 'Em Up Album 2010
Ab67616d0000b273f1b4abbb01457ca3d1479e4a We Are to Answer Album 2009
Soledad Productions
Ab67616d0000b27333b84fc3dc1813c68ed47f63 Disrupt the Programme (Clocks Are Ticking Remix) Single 2021
East African Records & Switchstance Recordings
Ab67616d0000b273212355711f70cc088f798a82 Ghetto People (Ancient Astronauts Remix) Single 2022
The Outlaw Ocean LLC
Ab67616d0000b273f5849cb26cb983d1af6de24c We Stand Our Ground (Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina) Album 2020
No Agency
No Management
Oneminded Soul Publishing
Thomas Katongole-Strauch
Press Text
Ancient Astronauts are Kabanjak and Dogu, a production and DJ duo from Germany, who are known for their unique blend of conscious Hip Hop, Reggae & Dub, Funk and Breakbeat.

The duo has released music on international labels ESL Music (USA), Pedigree Cuts (UK) and Switchstance Recordings (GER) and collaborated with artists such as The Jungle Brothers, Thievery Corporation, The Pharcyde, Fort Knox Five, AM & Shawn Lee, Nickodemus, Raashan Ahmad, Tippa Irie, Bajka, Azeem, Subatomic Sound System & Anthony B, Akua Naru and many more. They played DJ Gigs all around the world in cities such as Miami, Zurich, Sarajevo, Milano, Washington DC, Playa Del Carmen, Innsbruck, New York, Warsaw, Athens, San Francisco, Vienna, Thessaloniki, Budapest, etc.

The Ancient Astronauts are Kabanjak and Dogu, a bulletproof production and DJ duo hailing from Cologne, Germany. The phenomenon of “ancient astronauts, “a belief that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in ancient times to mingle and trade ideas with early human civilizations”, isn’t an alien concept to these Ancient Astronauts. The cross-pollination and mash-up of ideas, sounds, styles, and a collaborative spirit are their modus operandi.
Although, the long-time friends are quick to admit that they are not followers of the German music scene, Kabanjak notes, “for us music is and will always be an international phenomena”, and Ancient Astronauts are certainly not afraid to draw on influences from international artists and styles.
Self described as a “mash up of the distant past and far future”; these time travelers´ music is a mystic brew born out of an eclectic mix of ideas, sounds and styles.
Already having remixed and collaborated with AM & Shawn Lee, Nickodemus, Fort Knox Five, Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), Zion I, The Pharcyde, Azeem, Analogik, Subatomic Sound System & Anthony B, DJ Brace, Bajka, The Pharcyde, Vieux Farka Toure, The Jungle Brothers, Raashan Ahmad, Bajka and Tippa Irie, the Ancient Astronauts always link up with a quality selection of sonic collaborators.
“At an early stage we realized that we are both big music heads so we started running parties in our hometown together”. Those parties became the catalyst for a production team that never forgot its roots. They specialize in diversity loosely glued together by a single thread. Like a good party, you don’t just listen to the music, you experience it.
In 2001 Dogu of Ancient Astronauts started his own label Switchstance Recordings, which was developed as a way of allowing them total musical freedom. The label soon gathered momentum and built up an impressive international fan base. Switchstance Recordings is now famous in international club circles for the integrity of its production and style.