Ajde Yallah

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Ajde Yallah - Rock Alternative Alternative Rock Garage Rock Live Act in Mauerbach

Ajde Yallah Short Info

Ajde Yallah (C’mon-C'mon) Is a fast-paced rock duo (founded in 2006)without much show their mangy guitar riffs & melodies shred directly from the Balkan desert through the ears in the stomach . Raw beats and a ringing voice from a cave in the Vienna Woods...the boys just have released their new album, which is also named "ajde yallah" at the end of 2015

AjdeYallah (= gemma, gemma!) ist ein rasantes Rockduo ohne viel Show, deren räudige Gitarrenriffs & Melodien direkt aus der Balkanwüste über die Ohren in die Magengrube fetzen. Rohe beats und eine Stimme aus einer Höhle aus Mauerbach/krach!
(debütalbum "ajde yallah" dezember 2015)

Discography Ajde Yallah

  • 2015 Ajde Yallah Album |


  • Sound With Bones
  • Video AJDE YALLAH - 'What you saw'
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