Agosto Frio

Live Act Rock Pop Funk Rock Melodic
Agosto Frio - Rock Pop Funk Rock Melodic Live Act in Madrid

Agosto Frio Short Info

Agosto Frío is a rock band from Madrid, with lyrics in spanish and a simple and direct style, that impacts from the beginning

Agosto Frío has two self-produced albums under his belt and will soon release a third in an acoustic way, because all of its components are equally multiinstrumentalists and could play rock and classical music.

- Alberto Clemente: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin .
- Irene Jimenez: Voice, Piano, Keyboards and Percussion .
- Guillermo Soloaga: Bass, Cello and Choirs .
- Guillermo Manzanares: Drums, Viola and Percussion .

Discography Agosto Frio

  • 2014 Agosto Frio II Album |
  • 2012 Agosto Frio Album |


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  • Madrid ES


  • 2012


  • Guillermo Soloaga Martín Bass Player
  • Alberto Clemente Barragán Guitar Player
  • Guillermo Manzanares Pascual Drums
  • Irene Jiménez Garralón Vocals

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