After The Departure

Live Act Heavy Rock Alternative Metal
After The Departure - Heavy Rock Alternative Metal Live Act in London

After The Departure Short Info

After the Departure are a passionate, talented and driven DIY 6-piece from West Yorkshire. In the few years they have been together they have produced a plethora of melodic yet powerful songs, full of energy that make for an amazing stage show.

They have dominated the local scene in their home town of Leeds and have begun spreading across the country with an ever changing live spectacle to hold existing fans attention and gain wide spread exposure and notoriety within the metal world. Ready to take the next step, After The Departure definitely have the requirements to push what they do to the forefront of the metal scene worldwide.


  • Sound Cruel To Be Kind (Teaser) '...
  • Sound Naive (The Kooks)
  • Sound For The Sake Of The Sinners


  • London GB