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Abiogenesis is a multi genre act with folk-fusion as their speciality.

Abiogenesis performs both as a duo (2) and 4 members band They are based in Nagaland, India. They create Indigenous and tribal sound in the most modern way making it exotic and beautiful to listen to, a sound never heard before. Each and every song or music has a meaning and Arenla, the front lady narrates and explains the untold stories of Nagaland. It is not only entertaining but also a learning experience. Their exploration and experimentation resulted in evolving a new form of world music called Howey music. Howey is a fusion of Naga and other Indian folk with various forms of modern music. Another special feature of the dou is the invention of a new wind bamboo musical instrument called bamhum by a band member Moa.This (the bamhum) novelty brought about a huge change to how Abiogenesis sounds today. Moa received the National award from the Indian President on 4th March 17 for this invention. It became the leading instrument of the band with Arenla playing the lead Bamhum, and Moa playing the harmony. Recently, Moa has invented another Bamboo percussion called Tikzik.
Abiogenesis has Performed in 6 countries: Thailand, India, Russia, Bhutan , Tunisia & Myanmar including an exclusive performance for Bhutan’s Royal family on 15th August 11 and to 160 Consul Generals at the Raj Bhawan, Mumbai on 16th November 2011.
Some of their achievements:
1.Abiogenesis album ‘Legacy of the Mountains’ was nominated in the Best Album category in Global Indian Music Awards (GIMA) 2014
2. Abiogenesis’ song ‘Time For A Change’ nominated in Artist Aloud Music Awards’ in Best Female Fusion Category
3. ‘URD1’ winner of the Best Alternative Song Category in Akademia Music Awards 2014, Los
4. Wake Up Call Nominated in the Best Genre Bender song In VIMA India Awards 2014 in Malaysia
5. Arenla, nominated for the Best Female Vocals category in the 6th Jack Daniels Awards.
6. Nominated in Artist Aloud Music Awards for the best Alternative band and their song Return of the Son for the best Alternative song 2012
7.Abiogenesis album ‘Aeon Spell’ released by Saregama in 2007 was listed for Nominations in
the 50th Grammy Awards in the Best Contemporary World Music album of the Year.
Band members :
1. Arenla Subong – Vocals / Lead Bamhum/ Tikzik.
2. Moa Subong - Bamhum / Guitar / Harmonica/Tikzik.